Our Services



We have been a Zenith/LG dealer for over 50 years.  We sell LG video products and custom install to meet your needs. If there is ever a problem with your LG product, since we are a service center, we can assist you with any questions and repairs that may arise. We carry OLED, LED and LCD televisions with a host of features such as Smart TV, 4K and Super Ultra High Definition TV. 

Dell Sales


We are a Dell computer dealer and can custom install them to meet your needs. 



We are a Sharp warranty servicer. If you have a problem with your Sharp product and it is still in warranty or out of warranty please give us a call. 

Custom A/V Installation


We install custom audio/video equipment for your home or business. Please call for more information or to schedule an estimate. 



We service most television models and stereo equipment. Please call us for more details on product types we service. 

Antenna Installation


We install digital antennas that have a reach of up to 65+ miles. Please call for more information or to schedule an estimate.